Saint… Rocky?

This one just writes itself. I am once again speechless. Some of you are not going to believe this, but it’s the real deal. The following was cut and pasted from a BBC website. Read and believe.


Serbian village venerates Rocky

Sylvester Stallone was made famous for playing Rocky Balboa
A tiny village in Serbia says it will construct a statue of the film character Rocky to ward off decades of bad luck.
An official from Zitiste, about 55k (33 miles) north of Belgrade, said the statue of Rocky was needed to give the village a more positive image.Images_1

Zitiste has suffered serious damage from floods and landslides, earning it a reputation for being jinxed.

Many of its residents have left the village in search of a better future.

The idea came from Bojan Marceta, a village resident, when he saw the latest Rocky film “Rocky Balboa”.

“I felt as if Rocky has come from our village, he had to fight to win his place in society,” he told B92 radio.

Zoran Babic of the local council said he and other officials agreed with the plan.

“This is the chance to give a better, more positive image to Zitiste,” he said.

Mr Babic said villagers had already been in touch with officials in the US city of Philadelphia, where a Rocky Balboa monument has already been erected.

“We have also contacted a sculptor who has designed the statue, asking him whether he would help us,” he told AFP news agency.

The film “Rocky”, a story of a boxer who gets the chance to fight the reigning champ, won three Oscars for best picture, best director and best film editing.

Its star, Sylvester Stallone, has recently released “Rocky Balboa”, in which the character comes out of retirement to fight once again.

I’m now taking nominations for who we should erect a statue of on True North’s front lawn.

Suggestions anyone?

We must, of course, do the right thing.


Thomas Manimala says:

Dear all,

I knew only Saint Rocky the miraculous healer of diseases.

St. Rocky pry for all those write in this blog.

Thomas manimala

Freddy says:

My vote would go to …
Steve Jobs.
He made the Mac.
Enough said.

Mike Sowden says:

As noted by Paul Theroux in The Happy Isles of Oceania, Rambo is something of an uber-celebrity in Polynesia.
Maybe there’s a place in the world where Stallone’s Judge Dredd is the template for the Perfect Hero.
Actually, I find that one a bit tough to believe.

Grace says:

I think a traditional cross would be just fine… :P

Bert Crabbe says:

A Stewie Griffin statue would rock on and on.
Not sure I’d refer to Moses as a retard, but that would certainly be a bit more reverent than the Bdock Saints.
And Brucie, this is definitely the first time I’ve ever been referred to as being a part of a Trinity! Nice. Very nice. I’ll commission a sculptor to get to work on that Rushmore thing right away!

Dan O'Leary says:

Tim says we should erect a statue of Moses because he was a retard and God still worked through him.
I tend to agree with him, but I would erect a statue of the Boondock Saints. Really.

Jen HW says:

Stewie Griffin.

Mike says:

It’s a Philly thing, you wouldn’t understand, but apparently the Serbians do.
“You must go back to the hills”

Bruce says:

How about a Mount Rushmore of Bert, Mike, and Dominick! The True North trinity.