April 19th, 2007

A New Day!

Hey Gang,

Well, it’s been an absolutely insane couple of weeks. I am exhausted. Really, really extremely tired, emotionally and physically.

The Troogle series is kicking my butt. I never imagined it would be this difficult to talk about this kinda stuff. Coupled with that has been a HUGE spike in counseling needs. This is not a complaint, ya’ll. I love it and I’m glad to help when I can, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

And sitting atop it all like a big fat cherry has been a neverending series of phone calls between attourneys, lending institutions and insurance companies to line up the closing of a certain property at 366 Terryville Road, which took place today.

Priase the Lord!! I mean, seriously. Praise God for who He is and for the AMAZING things that He is doing at True North. I know it sounds cheesy, but walking into the building after the papers were signed – it actually felt different.

Thumbde3df6edfee14a0a95c69656b4ff_2God is astounding.

In more local news, the Knicks have ended their season unceremoniously missing the playoffs. It was a great season and they’re a fun team to watch, but they’ve got some obstacles to climb over.

And the Rangers? Wow. What can I say? A four game sweep of the Atlanta Thrashers. Brutal. Some of our staff spent time in their arena for the Passion conference in January. Others will be back in Atlanta for an event called Thirsty in two weeks.

Thumbsgeqhc11190407023734photo00phoI’m wearing my Rangers jersey on the plane.

Enjoy the pictures. :)

Thanks for reading gang.

Always do the right thing.


April 12th, 2007

Phoning It In…

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April 5th, 2007

More Crowder Goodness

Dig it, ya’ll – the very first ever David Crowder Band music video.

That’s right – this is the WORLD PREMIERE** of the video for Foreverandever,etc., which documents Crowder’s longstanding issues with the squirrels of his community.


** When I say world premiere, I mean very few people have seen it.
*** And when I say very few people, I mean except for the millions who have already seen it youtube like I did.

March 28th, 2007

Crowder and the Nuge

Yeah baby, that’s right. You heard it here first on The Right Thing.

Not only is the David Crowder*Band in the studio recording a new record, entitled Remedy, but they are in fact, going to be joined in the studio by none other than the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent.

What? You dont’ know who Ted Nugent is? You don’t know his music? Never heard of this former-rock-star-womanizer-turned-faithful-husband-and-gun-control-lobby-antagonist? You missed the MTV reality TV show “Surviving Nugent?”Whitetail_th_2


Click here for a closer look into Nuge World. But be warned: Nuge World is not for the faint of heart. He’s got some pretty out-there opinions and some of the stuff he believes is most certainly NOT the right thing.

He is, however, a rock legend (a title perhaps a bit underserved in my humble opinion) and a pop culture icon. Political stuff aside, it is most definitely cool that he would hook up with the Crowder Band.

What?!!??!! You never heard of the David Crowder*Band? You missed “A Collision,” “B Collision,” “Illuminate,” “Sunsets & Sushi,” “Can You Hear Us?,” and “All I Can Say”?!?!?

Even more preposterous. Click here for Amazon link.56270110davidcrowder10

Lookee here for a closer look into Crowder World. All you find here is fully endorsed by the staff here at the Right Thing.

And when I say ‘the staff’ I mean all the many people working around the clock to help me find content and do research for my posts.

And when I say “all the many people working around the clock to help me find content and do research for my posts,” I mean me.

Thanks for reading!