May 24th, 2012

Centralia Revisited

Following the ‘Firestarter’ message series, a couple of people asked if I was going to publish the pics we used in the message.

Here they are, along with several others.

Missed the strange, sad, ongoing tale of the Centralia mine fire?  Listen to the message here.

Images are clickable. Enjoy.


May 10th, 2012

Enter the Dragon vs. Game of Death

I like netflix. I’m a fan. I quit using their DVD service this fall and lately I’ve been streaming the content instead. I was a bit concerned about lack of access to new releases (especially since Blockbuster seems to have vanished entirely from the face of Long Island) but the truth is, I’ve been trying to read more lately anyhow and there’s a LOT of content available for streaming.

So I’m cruising through the menu a few weeks ago when I saw a Bruce Lee movie I had never seen. It’s called Game of Death. Fans of martial arts movies are already groaning. That’s because they know what I didn’t – that Game of Death is the sorriest excuse for a kung-fu film ever.

How? How could this be?! How could a movie with the MASTER himself reek like yesterday’s provologne? Simple. He didn’t finish it. He left the story to pursue something better.

Bruce Lee was several weeks into filming Game of Death when he was offered the lead in Enter the Dragon. At that time, kung-fu movies were strictly the domain of Saturday afternoon tv. Sudden closeups, bad dubbing and punches that sounded like whip cracks were the order of the day. There were, and still are, many people who enjoyed these films but they weren’t really taken seriously by Hollywood.

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May 2nd, 2012

Addicted to Twitter? It’s Possible!!

At True North, we did a message series in January called ‘Friends on Facebook,’ in which we talked a bit about how social media and digital connectedness is affecting our lives.

I recently saw this graphic on how Twitter can literally be addicting and thought you might be informed by it.



Courtesy of: Online Schools

April 26th, 2012

James Bond Obsession

** Heads up: there is absolutely zero spiritual content in the following entry.
Unless discussing James Bond somehow brings you closer to God.
Which is decidedly possible.

I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas this year, which I used to complete my collection of James Bond films. I now own all of the 22 movies in the series, plus the extra non-canonical ‘Never Say Never Again,’ which is basically a remake of Thunderball.

There are many of the films I haven’t seen yet and I’m having a great time slowly working my way through the set. I intend to stretch this out and enjoy it. No three-movies-in-a-row marathons for me. I’m watching maybe one per weekend and then going through the special features and learning some awesome stuff about each film and the directors that made them.

Whenever people discuss 007, the question always comes us as to who was the best Bond. You may be surprised to learn that there have been six different actors who have played Bond on the big screen.

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