Game of the Year

Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Quite a healthy little week here at The Right Thing. A few back-and-forths with the high score on Asteroids, several comments and a healthy dose of smack talk.

What more could a blogger ask for? :)

For this week’s offering, I wish to bring your attention to something that’s… well… it’s just beyond words. You’ve all heard of the Left Behind books, right?

Well now, hot off the presses, you, yes you, can experience – Left Behind: The Video Game.

Yeah, baby, that’s right. It’s like Grand Theft Auto for Christians.

If I’m reading things correctly, you’ve been left behind after the rapture, and you run around New York City trying to make converts and fragging those who won’t repent.

This is…. wow. I mean…. I just don’t have any words. Just when I thought the Christian community couldn’t possibly get any more pathetic, ingrown and irrelevant, here comes Left Behind – The Game.

Here’s a screen shot.Ss1

So, there’s this week’s discussion topic. Sound off ya’ll.

Is this video game the right thing?

Click here for the official website.

mike brennan says:

i’m not making fun of the Christians behind this so much as I am saying – it’s a bad idea. if it’s a bad idea, it doesn’t matter who it comes from. bad, bad, bad…

Bert Crabbe says:

Yeah, for me it was late in ’88. Of course, I always was a late bloomer.

Dan O'Leary says:

probably around 1987… but it may have been sooner.

Mark says:

When did it become cool to make fun of other christians?

mike brennan says:

i think i might try to rent this game from blockbuster… would i find it in the comedy section?
At least the graphics seem good. :)
maybe some hacker will crack into this game to do a spoof (if that’s possible) and that game might be good. there’s always hope…

Bert Crabbe says:

No problem at all. Just scroll down to the bottom of this blog, taking note of the cool icons of all the movies I’ve watched recetly, and find the Asteroids game down below,
Click the ‘P’ in ‘Play Game’ and you’re rockin. If you have any more trouble, just let me know and a “The Right Thing” technician will be in touch to set up a complimentary tech-support consultation.

Anonymous says:

If you don’t mind me asking, how do I get plugged into the Asteroid’s game? Thanks.

Jen HW says:

::covers eyes with hands and slowly shakes head::

Grace says:

I don’t think there’s anything better than that! That’s hilarious!…. But I think I need to try it out. = )

Dan O'Leary says:

Wow. Astonishing. Apparantly you can use “the power of prayer” to heal your crew of Salvation Enforcers.
Listen to this:
“Conduct warfare using the power of PRAYER and WORSHIP as more powerful weapons than guns.”
And just as “praying” is a way of healing, the evil side (the people you are playing against) can swear at you to hurt you.
In contrast to the Worship Leader on the good side, you have a musician on the evil side that probably plays “secular music”.
This is cheese at its moldiest form!!! I think I hate it so much that I actually love it! There is a good chance I will buy this game. I need to know.