First World Problems


This past Sunday at True North, we wrapped up a message series called “How to Be Rich.” If you missed it, you can check out the audio here, at our message archive.

It was a pretty heavy three weeks and I got a ton of positive feedback on it, which really encouraged me because talking about money always sets me off balance.

We talked at length about how blessed we are and how no matter what, we’re all convinced that we’re broke and that “rich” is a title for someone else. The truth is, if you live indoors, you have indoor plumbing, hot water, more than enough clothing to wear and more than enough food to eat, you’re rich.

You have extra money for a movie once in a while, or appetizers at Applebees? You’re rollin’ thick. Most people in the world will NEVER have those luxuries. You’re rich.

Don’t believe me? Visit and enter your income (remember to select $US Dollars – default is Great Britain Pounds). I bet the results will surprise you.

At the end of the series, I’ve challenged everyone in our church to tithe for the month of March. That is, to live on 90% of your income and to give away 10% as an offering to God. Not out of guilt. Out of thankfulness. And to take the scary “what if something terrible happens to me tomorrow?” question out of the equation, if you have a financial setback in the next three months and you need the money back, we will refund it to you, no questions asked.

You read that right. That’s a money back guarantee on your offering!!

Just a warning though – tithing is really rewarding but it’s hard work. The best way to get it done is to decide in advance what you’re going to give. Want to set it and forget electronically? Visit and just follow the instructions. We’ve done all we can to make this easy and secure.

Kick it around. For many people at our church, this will be the most generous they’ve ever been. And for some of them, it’ll be the first time in their life they really felt rich.

And for now, enjoy this video. Someone emailed it to me this week and it’s a really funny take on all this stuff we’ve been talking about.


Barbara says:

I loved the video. I first about first world problems from my son who was home from college on spring break. Whenever I complained about anything, he would say first world problem. Has made be think…

Chris says:

Bert, I really enjoyed the “How To Be Rich” series. It was such a great reminder of how blessed and rich I truly am and how insignificant 99.9% of my daily “problems” are when put in their proper perspective. I really appreciate you challenging us all to Honor God first. He can and will always out give us. And by the way, this video is awesome! Thanks for sharing!