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More Crowder Goodness

Dig it, ya’ll – the very first ever David Crowder Band music video. That’s right – this is the WORLD PREMIERE** of the video for Foreverandever,etc., which documents Crowder’s longstanding issues with the squirrels of his community. Enjoy. ** When I say world premiere, I mean very few people have seen it. *** And when […]

Crowder and the Nuge

Yeah baby, that’s right. You heard it here first on The Right Thing. Not only is the David Crowder*Band in the studio recording a new record, entitled Remedy, but they are in fact, going to be joined in the studio by none other than the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent. What? You dont’ know […]

California Love

Hey Gang, Back on the right coast, and very happy about it. My time away was wonderful and refreshing but it’s always good to get home. This week I thought I’d throw up some pix to go along with the audio that I posted throughout last week. Thanks for tuning in, by the way. My […]


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