Adventures in South Africa

Hey Gang,

Just getting back from a truly amazing trip to South Africa. I have much to write about and reflect on, but for now, I’m just going to get some pics up. I took thousands. Literally. So I’ll just hit you with the greatest hits and break it down into small parts.

These first pics are from a place called The Lion Park, where I had some pretty cool experiences.  If you ever find yourself in Pretoria, for about $75.00 US, you can spend an hour with an adult cheetah.  Go for a walk, feed him some tasty raw beef treats and obviously, take hundreds of pictures.

This is Masai. He’s an adult male.

Like most cats, he loved to be petted. His purr was LOUD. Dude sounded like he had a built in subwoofer. In some African cultures, the purr of large predatory cats is thought to have healing powers. I didn’t get healed of anything though. That I know of.

“Please God. Please. Don’t let him chew on my face.”

Is he photogenic or what?

I’m pretty sure he was getting ready to sprint here, but the trainer distracted him with a beefy treat. Cheetahs have binocular vision and can see things miles away.

“Awwww… Who’s a good boy? Who’s a big scary kitty cat?”

He’s tall when he stretches out! Cheethas actually don’t climb though. Their claws are not retractable, which is what helps them attain their incredible speed. Like permanent built-in cleats!!

Thanks for checking out my pics. I’ll be posting some more, bit by bit. As always, comments are welcome!

mackie says:

that is the biggest cheetah i have ever seen! well it is the only cheetah i have ever seen.

Bert says:

Glad you liked the pics guys! Thanks for the comments!!

Ron says:

Sooo Bert. Just out of curiousity… like in case I ever meet up with one and he’s not too happy with me.. like just HOW BIG are they? And are they like dogs? Do they sense fear? Cause in that case, I better have a really good fence between him and me. Oh, and that whole face to face thing? Yeah, that’s NOT happening..

Brandy Chmela says:

WOW! Like, a really BIG WOW!! That is one BIG kitty! God is sooo GOOD! Glad you got to go there and experience some amazing parts of creation, “gladder” that you are back!

Jeff Colarusso says:

Awesome! Not sure that I could be relaxed doing that, but, hey, it’s only a little cheetah, right? I could probably outrun him.

Kathleen says:

Oh my gosh, what a cool thing to do!!! Looks like a truly amazing adventure.

Beth Guardino says:

That is sooooo amazing to me! I loved all of Greta’s pics too! What an incredible blessing to experience some of natures most powerful yet beautiful gifts! I WANNA GO!!!! Oh & I died laughing at your “Please God, don’t let him chew on my face” comment cause I was soooooo thinking the same! LOL! Glad you are home safe & now we just have the get the Williams’ the same!