A Movie Preview Worth Watching

I continue to get a pretty steady stream of good feedback on our current “Friends on Facebook” message series. In it, we’ve been discussing how our tendency towards digital communication is affecting the way we relate to each other.

This week, my pal Kara sent me a link to a lengthy (almost 9 minutes!) preview of an upcoming film recently featured at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s called Arm, and I thought it was a really amazing commentary on some of the stuff we’ve been discussing.

Take it for a spin and leave me a comment. Eeeeespecially if you see yourself in one of these characters. :)

Personally, I’m going to be taking a little break from digital communication this coming week but I’d love to dive into some conversation on all this stuff when I return.



Bobby Zizolfo says:

Excellent clip bro. I especially like it because the kid who plays Chance is on a show called “Parenthood” which is also excellent. I think this pretty much sums up some of the main points in your FB sermon series. It is a sad commentary on some of the social detriment that all this technology can cause. Anyway, loved this…thanks for sharing.